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Frostings Cupcake

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another backlog post :) I asked my bro weeks ago to buy me one (yes, I told him that quite specifically) cupcake from Lemon Square Bakeshop so we can taste test if their cupcakes are as yummy as they look. Last time, I posted about Frostings and my ignorance of it thereof, well, after some long and serious *lol* research, I came to the conclusion that Frostings is really a brand name, it took a nine-letter word and one click and my dilemma was solved, one of the wonders of internet and unlaziness *lol*. The Lemon Square branch near my bro's place of work carries a line of product from Frostings, which is a good thing as we don't need to search for their few branches around the Metro.

For more info on their brand, products and branches, do visit their website.

4.5 out of 5


Masterline Otap

>> Sunday, August 23, 2009

And now we're back to normal programming :))

Masterline Otap

otap from Cebu

One of those scheduled posts that I had left behind when I took a leave of absence from blogging. An uncle was able to visit Cebu along with his office mates when their boss celebrated his birthday and when he came home, he brought along some stuff with him. I was able to grab Cebu-printed shirts, one for me and one for my son, slipper-shaped cellphone charms and a kilo of danggit of which I wasn't able to take a pic coz I was too eager to taste it, and of course, a few packs of Masterline Otap(s). Said to be one of the best Otap but I dare to say that I had better ones, it was okay in taste but it couldn't be the best, just my take :)


I Was on an 11-Day Break

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

I lost my baby 11-days ago, a few hours after I published my last post I was rushed to the hospital because of extreme hemorrhaging, I knew by then that that was it. I will spare you the details as I don't wanna relive any of it anymore and I don't think anyone would find it interesting.

I stayed at the hospital for 3 days mostly because of depression, I had to undergo some counseling and psycho-therapy to lessen the burden of loosing a child. I can't say that it work but they seemed to think so because they let me come home after a day session.

While I was in the hospital, my mom urged me to go on a retreat just to clear my mind, so a day after I was released from the hospital I went to Tagaytay with a close friend and stayed in one of the retreat house there owned by a priest who was once a house-priest in the congregation where I belong. I stayed for 3days, thinking of what ifs and now whats; I, also, had some serious and heart-to-heart talks with the retreat master and some nuns who run the place. God must really be in that place at that time coz after praying, my first since I got there, it was my second day, I felt light, understanding sunk in and then, acceptance was finally mine.

It still hurts and I don't think it'll ever pass, I remember a quote from someone on a television show, "Pains of the past never really heals, people just learn to accept and live with it".

I'll always remember the little angel that was sent my way but is too special to be away from the Lord for a long time, that's why she was taken back in such a short time (4 months in my womb).

I have no questions, I am angry not, I am depressed no more because I understand.


I'll be back to posting food later today...

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


Lemon Square Frostings

>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

yummy treats from Lemon Square

Whoopie Pie

Cookie Bar

Okay, here's my dilemma, the whoopie pie and the cookie bar was given to me by my brother because I asked him to bring home something sweet, he bought it in the Lemon Square Bakeshop near his place of work. We thought that the product per se is called Frostings but then, when I searched around, I found out that the son of the owner of Lemon Square has his own dessert haven named Frostings, so now, I am kinda torn.

The whoopie pie is like Fibisco Mallows in a way, it was yummy! The cookie bar is good but it was kinda hard to bite because of its thickness and hardness (it is a cookie after all *grins*), aside from that, the taste is a-okay.

My bro said that there are pretty-looking cupcakes in that bakeshop, too, so, as expected, I ordered him to buy me some, bukas sweldo nya na, yehey!

4 out of 5


Chocolate Bread

>> Monday, August 10, 2009

chocolate slices - P2.00/slice

Who said you can't buy anything with 2pesos anymore? It was not as fluffy or as soft and smooth as that of Goldilocks and other mainstream bakeshops but it can hold on its own especially with a price like that. I have been munching on these sweeties for 3 straight days, my early morning treat *grins*.

4 out of 5


Pinoy Street Foods: Waffle

waffle-on-stick - P6.00

cheese and hotdog waffles

I had these for merienda (snack) yesterday, my cousin bought some for himself but when I saw the waffles, they instantly became mine *lol*.

2 out of 5 :(


BBQ, etc.

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

pork BBQ - P15.00/stick

inihaw na balat ng baboy - P5.00/stick

As I was living (the good life) here at my nanay's house, I can always order my younger cousins to buy me something to eat *lol*. Two days ago, as I mourn the loss of Tita Cory, I asked, I think the right word is threatened, my cousin to buy some ihaw-ihaw, one of our favorite ihaw-ihaw stall is that of Pinky's, she makes delicious BBQ sauce, as in.

Just don't tell my nanay or my hubby that I had a stick of inihaw na balat ng baboy (grilled pork skin), they will go nuts *lol*.

4 out of 5


Cheesy Puto (Rice Cake)

>> Monday, August 3, 2009


cheesy puto - P5.oo per triangular slice

Nanay brought these home a few days ago, she told me that it was made by one of our old-time neighbors who is kinda struck by recession, she bought a few slices (I only took photos of the above) to help out a bit. Uhm, I grew up eating Aling Ingga's puto, one of the best puto in the world, so, I'm kinda picky in terms of rice cakes, well it can't equal that of Aling Ingga but I guess it can do, until she learn to make a better one *chuckles*.

3 out of 5


To Cory Aquino, the Icon of Philippine Democracy, you'll be miss...
Have a pleasant journey to be with your beloved, Ninoy and our merciful Father.


Pinoy Street Food: Calamari

>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

calamari (calamares) - P3.00/each

One of the most common street food in the Philippines these days is the calamari or more commonly tagged as calamares, you can see it every nook and corner of the metro, just like the more popular variety of street foods, fishballs and co. If you happen to pass by a street peddler, you will be instantly drawn to its enticing smell, bad for me though, as I am always craving but I rarely gave in, you see, I'm allergic to squids, of all the allergies that I might have, that's what I get *sigh*.

Anyway, last Friday, was one of those times that I caved in, I asked hubby to buy a few pieces and from those I hungrily ate two squid rings, I was in heaven up until I feel the pain down in my stomach and saw the red blotches up in my arms *grins*. At least, I had a few happy moments *lol*.

4.5 out of 5

*** more yummy entries here.


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