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Pinoy Street Foods: Fried Noodles

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One of the budding Pinoy street food is fried noodles, it started out as offerings from small kiosks in the mall dubbed as oriental or Hongkong noodles up until the ever-enterprising Pinoys found out how to do it street-style. From then on, small shops and kiosks in every streets and corners of the metro can be seen serving these goodies, but each place tend to serve it a little different from the other, so you need a little time to find the perfect one just for you. I found my favorite in a small kiosk by the tapsilugan in our street, approximately 30 steps from our house *grins*.

fried noodles with siomai - P28.00

fried noodles with crabsticks

It is a mixture of fried noodles and mongo sprouts and your choice of sauces, I forgot the name of the sauces but I think there's a teriyaki sauce in the group.

5 out of 5


Selecta 3-in-1 plus 1 Ice Cream

>> Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Selecta 3-in-1 + 1
(cheese, ube, vanilla, chocolate)

close up shot (di kasing-ganda ng pagkakalagay ng ice cream dun sa commercial :D)

with lid - P299.00/3.3L

Ice cream, creamy ice cream, what a treat! Ice cream, creamy ice cream, sure to beat! - natutunan ko kay Barney and friends.

I have been craving for this ice cream since I saw it's commercial, dati pa, back when the flavors were cheese, chocolate, ube and corn, and I just got to taste it recently, wala ng corn, it's vanilla na. But I think it has gotten better, oh well, I'm a sucker for vanilla ice cream so don't take my word for it, try it for yourselves. Don't you just love eating ice cream while everyone else has tonsillitis, walang kaagaw *lol*.


KFC Twister and More

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

Note: I am suppose to come back to Food Friday and Food Trip Friday with a bang, as in, a nice post and a marching band in tow plus those popping party poppers to create some noise and cast colorful confetti on my way, but life doesn't really happen as we plan it, I lost the photo that is supposed to be my entry and because of that, here I am posting a different entry a day late. I hope Willa and Maiylah understands...

KFC Twister & 2-pc Chicken box

KFC Twister - P75.00
(one meal in a wrap, nakakabusog)

KFC 2-pc. chicken (original and hot & crispy)

Hubby went home one day (during my online-incapacitated days) with a take-home from KFC, as you may know or not *grins*, Malabon City can now boasts of an KFC branch. The chicken were good, as expected, the gravy was superb, a childhood favorite, and the Twister, a new offering, passed the test.

4.5 out of 5

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Pinoy Street Foods (Seasonal): Puto Sulot

>> Monday, December 7, 2009

It feels a lot like Christmas...

Every year, just as the -ber months approaches, you'll see files of street vendors offering puto sulot, puto bungbong, bibingka, champorado, itlog na maalat, keso, salabat (ginger ale) and other treats that are so Christmas-y and traditionally Pinoy.

And it's one of the reasons why Filipino around the globe miss spending Christmas here, dito lang may ganyan *grins*.

Puto Sulot - P10.00/each
(I think this is around six pieces)
Itlog na Pula/Maalat (salted egg) - P13.00/each

close up shot
(sticky rice topped with grated coconut and sugar)

Next post -----> bibingka regular and ispesyal, I can't wait!

5 out of 5


A Great Way To Begin

>> Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh yeah! This has to be a sign from above, oh well, I hope it is *grins*...

For my opening salvo, let me share with everyone an award that I received a month ago, and though I am overly late in accepting it, I hope Mona of Working At Home Mom did not or will not hold it against me, after all, I didn't intend on hibernating, it was due to some technical (and financial) difficulties. Moving on, I would like to thank Mona for the award, I really, really appreciate it!

And, just like the others before it, there are certain rules to follow:

  • Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
  • Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
As I just came back, I haven't really get around yet, I know that there are plenty of blogs waiting to be discover and read, so, I would hold this award to myself up until I find some blogs and bloggers to share it with.

To Mona, again my overwhelming gratitude *hugs*.


Honey, I'm Home But There's a Little Problem

Hi guys, I'm back! My brother had mercy on me and decided to let me have his old Acer Netbook as he's going to buy a new one from another brand, but before you praise him and everything, I wanna make it clear that he asked me to pay for this lappy, it's not completely free *grins* but as he is my brother and he loves me so, I will pay according to my terms, I already gave him a downpayment and the rest will be paid in full when my son reached his puberty, he's going to be six this month, is my term fair enough *lol*?

Kidding aside, I need to take this blogging thing seriously, at least, up until I pay him his dues *grins*, I don't wanna ask hubby to pay for it and as I'm the one who bargained with my bro, I'm the one who needs to pay, and if anyone wants to help me in any way, just give me a heads up and I'll be happy to tell you my paypal address or bank account number *lol*.

I'm suppossed to join Food Friday and Food Trip Friday but I can't seem to make the card reader work, walang ganito sa bundok, paano ba ito pinapagana? Even the USB thingy doesn't seem to work, could it have something to do with the OS that I had installed, I reformat it and installed Windows XP, I'm not really familiar with Vista and it's making my head hurts. Can somebody help me, please...

On a better news, as I took my unprecedented blogging hiatus, I had accumulated a number of food pics which I am so excited to share... I'll have a food post the minute I made this USB/card reader work *wink*.

Is/Are help on the way?



>> Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello guys, miss me? I have been out of the online world since October 31, not because I want to or need to but because my old and trusted PC broke down and everything that hubby did failed to revive it, I think my rustic and beaten PC had left me for good this time. I don't know when I'll be back, as I don't know when I can buy another computer set, we're not that keen into spending at the moment as our only son's birthday is coming up as well as Christmas. But I do hope it'll be soon...

I'm writing this post with the help of a cellphone, I don't think I can blog without a regular PC, this short post took me an hour or more to do *sigh*.

Forget me not...



>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thanks to my son's love of photography or his love of tinkering with the camera I have something to post for Food Friday and Food Trip Friday *grins*.

We had these a few days ago when we went out to search for a cool Halloween outfit, we didn't find any but we enjoyed our time out together. My bro insisted on meeting us in the mall so instead of wandering around drooling over stuff, we decided to rest and chill in Starbucks. The tallest one was for hubby, it is a mocha latte (I think), the one in the middle was for our baby, it's just your usual hot choco, and the smallest one was mine, cappuccino baby.

small, medium, large *grins*

The family that have coffee together, stays together *lol*.

5 out of 5
(nice place, efficient service - Starbucks Trinoma)

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GoNuts Donuts

>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

Box of 6 (Choco Nutty Sprinkle, Rocky Road and Choco Frost)

This is what we brought home for nanay and tatay when we (hubby, son, bro and I) went to mall to buy some groceries and play in Timezone and WOF, I miss that piso-game, the one where you drop a 1-peso coin and hope that luck will help you win, I love playing that because I can have lots and lots of redeemable tickets in a jiffy, though it doesn't work like that most of the time *grins*.

Doughnuts is always a safe choice for pasalubong, my nanay might not have a sweet tooth but she enjoys a bite or two of pastries and doughnuts and my tatay is a food lover in its truest sense, having served as a chief cook in a cargo ship his entire career might have a hand at that, he eats all kinds of food, walang tinatapon ika nga.

4.5 out of 5

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Pinoy Street Food: Lumpiang Sariwa

Lumpiang Sariwa - P25.00

One of the newest addition in a long list of Pinoy street foods is the lumpiang sariwa, it used to be found on restaurants and eateries around the country, as well as one of the most favorable dish in an event or celebratory party. But now, one does not need to go to long lengths to have a taste of lumpiang sariwa as it is now served by our local street peddlers. For 25pesos a pack (2 pieces of lumpia) it is a great deal, it may not taste as good as the one in restos or the ones made by our moms and grannies but if your craving heats up, it can help douse off the craving at least a little.

3.5 out of 5


Red Ribbon's Cookies & Cream Cake

>> Friday, October 23, 2009

Red Ribbon Bakeshop
MC Square
Letre Road, Malabon City

Cookies and Cream (junior-size) - P355.00

a closer look

I asked hubby to buy the White Forest cake but when he got home, this was what he had in hand, White Forest seemed to be the trend that day as the branch in MC lost stock early. I will get my hand on that cake one of these days, but till then, let's focus on the Cookies and Cream. As expected, it was good, I, actually liked it better than S'mores.

4.5 out of 5

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Pepsi Max

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Have you seen the new PET bottle of Pepsi Max, if you already did and have known that it is in existence good for you, coz you see, I just discovered it. And I find the bottle so cute that's why I decided to post it here.

I, actually, bought this in a recent trip to Enchanted Kingdom for 45pesos, I don't know how much it sells outside of the amusement park but I bet, it's much cheaper :)) Alam nyo na, mala-ginto kasi ang pricing sa mga ganung lugar dba?

4 out of 5
(Coke pa din ako, bote lang naman ang gusto ko eh!)


Meatlover's Pizza from Pizza Hut

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pizza Hut's Meatlovers Pizza

Another free pizza, this time from my tatay. My son is on a roll, he aced another 2 quizzes last Monday thus two boxes of pizzas were ordered from Pizza Hut courtesy of his grandfather *grins*.

Story: When he got home from school last Monday, he immediately called tatay and nanay to tell them the good news, I thought my son was just happy and proud of himself. Less than half an hour later, our phone rang with my tatay on the other line asking (actually, he's telling) me to bring our butts back in Navotas as he already ordered the pizza that he promised my son. I didn't asked for details as in my heart, I know it already - after he hoodwinked his uncle into buying him a pizza last week (click to read the story), it was his lolo's turn to do so. Come to think of it, it's a good thing my son's playing this game with them and not with me, less expenses the better in my case *lol*.

5 out of 5
(it tasted better, maybe because I got it for free *lol*)

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Pinoy Street Food : Halo-Halo

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halo-Halo - P15.00

Note: I tried to be a little artistic in taking this photo, I don't know about artistry, as all I can see is a slanted shot of a halo-halo cup *lol*. Oh well, just bend to your left a little to get a better glimpse, you can do that can you, bear with me just this one time please *grins*.

A halo-halo from our neighbor's list of merienda line. The end.

4 out of 5


Pizza Hut's Bacon & Pepperoni

>> Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bacon & Pepperoni

Don't we all love a free pizza? I didn't know and I just found out last Friday that my son made a deal with my younger brother the last weekend that we were at my nanay's house, hmm... curious yet? The deal is quite easy, it's just so funny because my son was the one who initiated the whole deal, pwede na pakawalan sa mundo. He told his uncle that if he gets a perfect score in his quiz last Monday, his uncle will buy him a whole pan pizza from Pizza Hut, and wouldn't you know it, he nailed his Science quiz.

We go to my nanay's house every weekends, sometimes if there's really nothing in our schedule, we go there as early as Friday afternoon (we leave hubby home to look after our house *lol*) and I was surprised to see my brother with two boxes of family-size pan pizza when he went home and it wasn't sweldo yet, then, it was explained to me and my surprise turned into amazement, and then happiness - free pizza!

5 out 5

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I Want Pearls for my Birthday

>> Friday, October 9, 2009

I am gonna celebrate my birthday this month and I have been bugging my hubby for a generous gift. In truth, I have been wanting a pair of pearl earrings ever since I lost my one and only pair a year ago but as business and our finances is not technically soaring, I have been putting off the task to look and, hopefully, to buy one. My desire to have a pair of pearl earrings peaked once again when hubby asked me a few weeks ago about the gift that I want on my special day, from then on, every time I get the chance to search around in the internet, I search for some pretty and budget-friendly pearl earrings, I was hoping to get my most wanted present without drilling a huge hole on hubby's pocket. Well, I am in luck, as I had found Orient Pearl, an online store that has a big line of pearl jewelry in easy to handle prices, the website boast of being the true freshwater pearls wholesaler in the internet and after seeing their list of pearl jewelries I can't help but believe them.

Wanna see my pick? I already showed it to hubby and he kinda like it, too, he doesn't give any confirmation yet but I'm sure that it's in the basket already *grins*. What do you think? Ain't it a pretty little thing?


Leche Flan

>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leche Flan - P70.00

If I am curse to eat only one dessert in my lifetime, this would be one of my choices, I haven't actually thought about the whole scenario so I am picking my top 10 desserts first before I make a decision *lol*.

Hubby bought this leche flan from someone he knows and for 70pesos, I think it is more than worthy, but I can still say that my version of leche flan is still better *grins*, buhatin ba ang sariling bangko, hahaha?

4 out of 5

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Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolates

>> Monday, October 5, 2009

Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate (150g)

Another attempt to bring out my hidden or buried love or even a hint of likeness of dark chocolates, this time I tried Cadbury. One thing - this one is bitter than Hershey's, just when I thought I had the most bitter of them all *lol*. Hubby loves dark chocolates (that's why he's dark, bwahahaha) but I can't just get that yummy taste that he so likes, maybe on my next try... hmmm... any suggestion?

4 out of 5



>> Sunday, October 4, 2009

(stall) 1/F MC Square
Letre Rd., Malabon City

Empanadas from left to right: Beef Adobo, Tuna, Ham & Cheese, Chunky Chicken

Regular Empanadas - P15.00 to 20.00 a piece
(the one open in half is the beef adobo)

Empananditas (small empanadas) - P5.00 a piece
(it also comes with various fillings like the regular-sized ones)
lima na lang kasi di makapagpigil yung isang taong kilala ko, hahaha

Yumpanada Box

One of my hubby's favorite take home goody (kasi mahilig sya sa empanada at di mabigat sa bulsa ang presyo *grins*), my son and I are not fond of empanadas but if it's the only choice in front of us, we'll surely grab some *lol*. As far as my son is concern, only ham & cheese is trusted, while I, on the other hand, can take a bite of each but I never really found my favorite, but my hubby is a different case, he can eat boxes after boxes of these goodies without getting tired of its taste, as in di sya nauumay promise *grins*.

4 out of 5

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*** Please take time to read my previous post Foodies Wanted, thank you!


Foodies Wanted

>> Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have done it, I'm finished! After hours of manual labor in front of the computer, I think I had enough, I think I had done what I aim to do, it may not be as perfect as I wish it would be, but I love its imperfections and as I made it with my own bare fingers (pwera ang paggawa ng html ng template, nakuha ko lang sa yan sa tabi-tabi, hahaha), I am proud of it.

Now, there's only one thing missing - a Link List - and I am soliciting names and links of my fellow foodies who wants to be included in my list. No reciprocal link is necessary, as long as you have a food blog and I like it *grins*. Just leave the Blog Title and corresponding url at the comment section of this post and you're a step closer to that elite list *lol*.

So what are you waiting for - comment na!

*** photo credits from Google images


A Way to Earn Online

I have seen lots of bloggers who have made extra cash through writing paid posts, and I admit, I have been tempted to join in on the bandwagon for quite some time now but as I am me, I keep on procrastinating [and resisting a bit] up until now. I have seen a few of my fellow foodies brandishing this banner in their respective blogs and it got me curious, and who wouldn't, a chance to earn a thousand dollar in a month will make any one tingle, right? And so, after a few days of contemplating I signed up at Link From Blog, which is just in time for the debut of my blog's new look.

In this day and time, additional source of income in every family is but necessary, and we are no different, so I am thankful for the promise of earning some bucks through Link From Blog. What's more, I won't only earn through my posts but also through referrals, so, if you are keen on joining, please sign up under me, it's quite easy, just click the banner, fill up the form, activate your account, add your blog, sit back and relax.

Paid reviews


I have been up all night and day tweaking my new blog template, hope you like it... :))

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GoNuts Pizza

>> Friday, October 2, 2009


Pepperoni, Garlic and Cheese and Barbecue-flavored Pizzas - P35.00/each

GoNuts pizza box

My nephew had a school field trip a few weeks ago and his mom send us a box of these goodies, I think they visited a GoNuts Donuts bakeshop somewhere in Paranaque or Sta. Rosa, Laguna and instead of the time-tested buco pie, Maggie opted to have doughnuts and pizzas as take home.

I have known about the pizza-line of GoNuts for more than a year already but I just had gotten to try it when they sent us a box, it was okay, I love the BBQ variety but I don't think I'll buy another box in the near future. It costs 35pesos a piece, if you multiply it by 6 (per box), it is already 210, just add a little more and you can avail a double-size pan pizza from Pizza Hut or any other pizza chain. If you're gonna buy it per piece just to satisfy a pizza craving, I guess it is alright but more than that, I'll stick with their doughnuts. Just my one cent...

3.5 out of 5


Pinoy Street Food: Binatog

>> Saturday, September 26, 2009

ang magbibinatog kasama ang kanyang laging-maaasahang bisekleta at batingting

ang balde ng binatog (na never kong nakita na puno lagi lang half-filled or less)

ang binatog (white corn kernels with grated coconut)

ang binatog na nahaluan na ng asukal (kapag bumili ka ng binatog, itatanong ni manong tindero kung lalagyan nya ba ng asin, kung di kayo mahilig sa matamis pwede nyo ng palagyan ng asin pero kung plano nyo lagyan ng asukal, I suggest, you oppose the salt right away, hehe)

Ito ang meryenda ko kahapon, habang niluluray ni bagyong Ondoy ang Metro Manila at ang mga karatig probinsya nito. Sandaling huminto ang ulan kahapon kaya nakagala pa ang tindero ng binatog at sa background ng unang larawan, makikita nyo na medyo nakalaya din ang mga bata, pansamantala, sa aking tantya mga 5 minutes lang, hahaha. Ito rin ang napili ko isali na post sa Yummy Sunday dahil may hiling ang host ng meme na ito na paboritong pagkain daw ang ilahok ngayong linggo.

At kung nagtataka kayo kung bakit Tagalog (Filipino) ang lenggwaheng gamit ko, madali lang po ang sagot - di ko kasi alam kung ano ang binatog sa Ingles (English).

Nga pala, kakabasa ko lang, mayroong give-away promo sa Perfectly Blended (ang bagong bahay ng Yummy Sunday), mamimigay sya ng berdeng balabal (shawl) sa maswerteng kalahok sa Yummy Sunday ngayong linggo. Kung kayo ay interesado, maaari po lamang bumisita sa nasabing blog para sa detalye.

5 out 5


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