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Doctor, Doctor Am I Sick?

>> Sunday, April 17, 2011

We went to the hospital several days ago for a full-body checkup, I haven't been blogging as I am suffering from symptoms of hypertension *pouts*. I am not really fond of hospitals in general but I do admit that I love the smell of disinfectants and alcohol mixed in the air, the smell is so - clean. Seeing the hospital staff running around in their nursing scrubs makes me wonder how it feels like to be them, to be able to help and heal. Oh, I digress, yet again *grins*, my infer that I do have a high blood pressure is right, it was confirmed by our doctor and I feel gloomy just by hearing it, imagine all the food that I have to give up *lol*, seriously, I just don't like the idea of being sick.

Anyway, I'm not dying or anything, I just have to follow the doctor's orders and everything will be alright. I don't even have to visit the hospital and see my doctor in his scrub clothing that much as a healthy diet and better lifestyle is all I need, and if worse comes to worst, a maintainance drug will help me out. But, I won't let that happen, I plan on being a good patient, I love my son too much to just shrug this circumstance of. So, do expect a healthy and fit me!

I have a question though, it's weird and kind of senseless but please humor me - why are doctors and medical people not called men and women in uniform when they clearly wear uniforms as well. Scrubs are usually worn and seen in hospitals and clinic, it's like their trademark look, just like how the police and firemen have theirs. *Grins*, don't mind me, my mother's yapping behind me so my mind's not working clearly.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!


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