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Foodie Address Book

>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

One of the perks of being a food blogger is that you have a sort of license to eat out as much as you can, of course time, health and money are all put into consideration, too *grins*. But as a blogger, I kinda have the power to decide on where and what to eat whenever we go out, it's true that I don't hold as much power as my son but at least I'm second in command and these past few months, my son's appetite and taste has been expanding, he's now in a stage where he tends to try out stuff including new and used-to-be-taboo food on his list, so, yeah, life's easy these days.

As a food blogger, I tried to be as adventurous and as up-to-date in terms of new places to dine in and new dishes and offerings on various restaurants' menus, but sometimes, though I make it a point to sample something different each time I go out or order take outs with my family, there are just days that I crave for food that I already had or recently tasted. Its during those times that I really wish for restaurant business cards on dining establishments, simple but oh-so-worthy pieces of paper that can come in handy whenever I or any member of my family crave for something to munch on or gobble up. Imagine having a stack of restaurant business cards and making an address book out of it, I bet it would be a foodie's delight.

Do all foodies think alike?


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