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Scrub That!

>> Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now that my due date is just a few weeks away, though I am not waiting for any popping sound or mind-warping pain or the cliche 'my water broke' tirade that will signal another astonishing moment to womanhood and another keepsake to motherhood, I can't help but reminisce my first time. I had to go through a lot at that time, all first if I may add, first time giving birth, first time having a Cesarean section, first time confinement in a hospital, it was also my first time being naked in front of a number of people, oh the shame *grins*. When I think really hard and long, and I let my self-love take a back seat, nothing mind-blowing happened when I gave birth, of course, the actual birth of my son excluded. But there were funny and memorable moments, my uncle acting like he's the one in need of medical help with his chest paining him and all, my husband acting all calm and cool but deep inside he's in a puddle mess, he was so lost, he didn't realize that my OB-GYN was paging him nonstop to take our baby's first pic, he was out of it, up until my parents came in the hospital, so no birthing pics for us, me asking in the operating/delivery room why doctors also wear nursing scrubs *lol*, and more, but I'd rather not give in all the details *grins*.

Giving birth per se, a CS section on my part, was actually a walk in the park *chuckles*, after the anesthesia took effect, everything was a blur, I'm not unconscious or anything but it felt like I was in a daze of sorts, all I can see were men and women in hospital uniforms talking and moving about, I didn't feel a thing, if being mark with a pen in my tummy counts, then be my guest as it's the only thing I can brag about, though it's not really a pen and they're not marking my tummy *grins*. Before, I knew it, my ever dearest OB-GYN was happily saying that it's a strong, cutie little boy with my son's loud cries as the background music to that melodramatic scene, it would have been if my life is a drama, thank God it isn't. Yeah, yeah, I'm all about wit and sarcasm today.

Not that all these telltales matter, it all went well, with me as a new mommy, hubby as a new daddy, my parents as the new grandparents, and my bro and his sis having a new nephew. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days, if I had known that being a mom is this hard, I would have taken my time lounging in the hospital bed with hospital personnel in scrub clothing doing everything for me, if I only knew then what I know now *grins*. I think, I'm gonna do better this time around.

Oooh, my baby just did a somersault...


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