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Chocolates for Haiti

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A month ago, something dreadful happened to the country of Haiti, I guess no one is left uninformed or unaware of what struck the Haitians, unless, of course if you live in a cave or a box with only a few air holes *grins*. Much has been said and done, millions of cash and goods from all over the world had been given to them, aids from various countries, may it be from the government or not had been sent, people who can help had flown in and assisted them but can we say that it is enough? Thousands had died in that earthquake, thousands more are buried alive in the rumbles, hundreds of thousands of people had lost their loved ones, their living and their life, millions worth of infrastructure and properties was destroyed, can we really say that we had helped enough?

I get it, not all of us have that extra money to donate, exactly my dilemma, I am not well-off and I live thousands of miles away so, really, how can I be of help? If you have the same question, I suggest you stop mulling it over as the answer will be delivered to you in a silver platter. Intentional Chocolate has this on-going Haiti drive on their website, wherein they will donate all their profits to charities that supports the relief operations in the said country, it will be done up until Valentine's Day. So, if you're prepping up for V-day and at the moment searching for that perfect gift, may I suggest going back to basics, why don't you buy some Dark Chocolate from Intentional, I'm sure you'll make someone dear to you happy and in the process, you'll make someone in Haiti happy and hopeful, too. Isn't that a great deal?


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