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A Kitchen Dream

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have been very vocal about my regret in not investing on kitchen and dining equipments and utensils when I was still able to, when money was ready to be spent for my every whim, when our finances was still stable, when we're still free of debts and responsibilities. How I wish I can turn back time...

One of my dream is to put up an enclume pot rack in my kitchen, I really think that it would add that homey and aesthetic appeal that I so want to achieve. I have seen classic movies with kitchen designs like that, pot hanging and clinging while an entire family is happily preparing their dinner, I even envy those restaurants that have that as part of their interior design. I wonder when I can get a hold of such and be done with one dream. Don't get me wrong though, I don't want enclume pot racks just because of the allure it will add to my kitchen, I will lie if I tell you that it's not my main and foremost reason in desiring it but aside from that I'm sure it will also aid in ridding my humble kitchen of its clutter. Just thinking about it makes me happy, I just can imagine if it's the real deal already.

Enclume potracks has this comtemporary and timeless appeal to it which will make any homemaker beam with happiness and pride, as my kitchen is on a silver/gray motiff, I decided that if and when I get the chance to buy one, I'll get the chrome-plated variety. I'm still undecided on what design and built I'll take but it will most likely depend on what hubby and I will agreed upon and its corresponding price, of course. Anyway, as money is something that we don't have a luxury of at the moment, I think I have ample of time to browse their website and pick the best one for me. Hmm, I wonder what would it be...


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