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Someday I'll Have Them

>> Monday, February 1, 2010

The minute I posted my food entry last Saturday, I was off to Navotas. The Feast of San Roque took placed last weekend and I was there to share in the fun. There was a parade with lots of bands, floats and of course, politicians; I didn't get to catch a lot of candies and other goodies but I had the grandest time watching all kinds of people and shouting "candy", "candy", an aunt even stated (the obvious) that I was just making noises by chanting and shouting but didn't care about the candies and lollipops at all. The day after the parade was the food trip day, as in, though I am always saying that I am on a diet, I had completely forgotten about it for the last two days *grins*. And after feasting, there's no better way to loosen up than to walk around in the plaza to look and shop in the night market where I saw lots of plastic dinner wares and other kitchen paraphernalia. I would have bought some if its quality is as trusted as of wasserstrom restaurant supply, then I would be at ease to spend money knowing that I can use what I bought for a very long time.

I have been dreaming of owning professional cookware ever since I fell in love with cooking and have found delight in serving my family healthy and delicious foods. I have some stuff in my care which I bought several years ago, not because I want to use it but because I find those dining and kitchen wares pretty, I didn't care then if it would last because as I had said, it never crossed my mind that there will come a time that I'll utilize any of it. And now that I am a convert, I can't help but regret the harsh and senseless decisions that I had made back then. I wish I had purchased tableware and cookware that are of good quality and taste, cooking could have been much easier and enjoyable.

If only I had been aware of my deep and intimate passion with cooking, which was hidden up until last year, and if only I had been privy to the world of online shopping when I had the money to spend, life in my kitchen could be such a blast. If that had been, I think, I could easily concoct recipes like that of professional chefs, wouldn't that be lovely? So, this year, I plan to save a part of our monthly budget and invest on some quality kitchen wares and equipments, I did some online browsing and I saw lots of interesting and pretty stuff in Wasserstrom and I have my eye on these China coloration pieces and set (photo below), one of these days, I'll blog about being the proud owner of these cute little babies.

You just have to wait and see...

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