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Jollibee 39ers

>> Monday, May 23, 2011

I found these in my photo vault, I have no idea when was this taken, hehe, you can blame it on old age or my not-so-prompt blogging sched *grins*. One thing I know, the three all came from Jollibee and stood as part of their 39ers value meals.

Lumpiang Shanghai (5pcs)

Beef and Garlic

Burger Steak (1pc)

What's your favorite product from Jollibee?

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Mang Inasal

>> Saturday, May 21, 2011

A relative celebrated her birthday thus making me a little late for this week's Food Trip Friday and Food Friday.

We went to a nearby mall a few days ago to buy some groceries and toiletries, I haven't been out for a long time so I was really craving for some dine in fast food *grins*, my brother suggested Mang Inasal, he's after the unlimited rice and the Sinigang na Baka (Beef in Sour Broth), sadly only Sinigang na Bangus (Milkfish in Sour Broth) is available. We ended up having Paborito Meal #1 which is pecho with unlimited rice and Sulit Meal #2 which is 1pc. pork inasal with rice and we also tried their newest offering - Pan Inasal which is way, way better on the poster than in real life *tongue out*, for our drinks, we ordered a 1.5L of Coke and drowned ourselves on it *lol*.

Price list - PM 1 (Pecho) cost 97 pesos, SM 2 (pork bbq) cost 53 pesos, Pan Inasal cost 25 pesos and the 1.5L Coke cost 80 pesos.

Chicken Pecho Inasal with Rice

Pork Barbecue with Rice

Pan Inasal

the dry and hard life of a pan inasal, hahaha

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Selecta - Hershey's Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

>> Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Note: I was trying to go all natural on the pic so I used no flash, it looked fine on my digicam but it kinda look a lot darker here on my screen. I'm not really sure, but if the photos doesn't look as nice as it should be, please bear with it, I haven't been doing good in food photography lately :(

It's a sizzling summer here in the Philippines, as in it is super hot, sweating and dehydration are all but a common occurrence at the moment *grins*. And what better way to fight of the heat than to eat some chocolate ice cream. I was supposed to buy a Selecta super-thick ice cream, unfortunately, the store I went to was out-of-stock so I decided on a plain Hershey's concoction instead. I prefer fruits in my ice cream but as I am sharing a tub with my family, I knew better than to give in to my cravings, I can only do that in a cup or in a pint or when I visit those scooperies in the mall.

the still close tub

a seal of freshness

Selecta - Hershey's Milk Chocolate ice cream

a closer look (after my son spooned a fair amount out)

A 1.5 liter cost P240.00, a bit heavy on the budget but it's all worth it!

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Liberty Mocha Roll

>> Thursday, May 12, 2011

We didn't get to celebrate Mother's Day a few Sundays ago as the typhoon Bebeng was wrecking havoc in the city, oh well, not really but the wind and rain prompted us to stay home and just stare at each other *lol*. Good thing, someone with a warm heart and an extra money on her pocket sent us a half roll of mocha from Liberty Food Mart.

I don't know much about the said establishment aside from the fact that the main branch was located along Tondo, Manila and that their products are sold at Silver Crown Restaurant, one of the more famous dining establishment in Caloocan City.

Don't expect nirvana at first bite or on your second, actually don't expect that much *lol*, just think of it as a cake, a roll, a pastry, something that you can eat and fill you up, it's not bad, it's just that it's not that rave-worthy, but I always believe that to each is own, so what may come as common to me maybe special to someone else :D

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Food Quote - Ice Cream

>> Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos. ~ Don Kardong


Dunkin' Donuts Big Dunk

>> Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've been craving for the Dunkin' Donuts' Big Dunk as their TV promotion run on almost all stations, and everywhere I look I see it. Fortunately, I finally had a taste, well, it's no biggie as it taste like their regular-sized doughnuts, the variants are the same, and as the name implies, really, it's only the size that is different. But does size really matters *grins*?

nutty chocolate, candy-sprinkle, bavarian, boston creme, chocolate-coated

6-pc. box packaging

Verdict? Uhm, I paid 120 pesoses for a Big Dunk box of 6, so it is 20 per piece, right? The regular-sized ones sells at 10, so the practical side of me kind of think that the regular doughnuts is a better choice, but that does not mean that I enjoyed the big ones any less *grins*. Truth, I enjoyed the TV commercials more, the one in the car and the one in the cinema, laughtrip parehas :D


Goldilocks Cheese Roll

>> Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sorry, I thought I just uploaded the picture and saved it as a draft, I am shock to find it posted, I don't even know what to click anymore *lol*.

I think Cheese Roll is a new offering of Goldilocks, I haven't seen them on the shelves before, but I don't think they are advertising it, unlike that of Red Ribbon which I have to grab one of these days. We bought these yummy goodies a month ago and I kind of forgot how much it cost already. My verdict? It passed, even my son loves it and he seldom take into a liking of pastries and bread.

It's great as a snack, as a baon for school, or just something to nibble on in between meals. I used to buy cheese rolls from Julie's, now I have another option, hurray to Goldilocks!


Food Quote - Cake

A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece. - Ludwig Erhard


Food Quote - Breakfast

>> Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's my first time joining the Food Quote weekly meme and I think, I'm going to enjoy this journey, I just realized that tweaking a pic can be fun, hahaha.

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast." - John Gunther

Happy Wednesday to all!


Jollibee Meatballs

>> Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One of the latest offerings of Jollibee, I had a taste a while ago (during the first week of its television advertisement), but it slipped my mind and so, I am just posting it now *grins*

Have you tried their lumpiang shanghai, if so, then just imagine it without the wrapper, even the sauce taste like that of the shanghai dip. It's not that I'm expecting much, it's part of the 39pesos meal afterall, I'm just saying that it's too ordinary to survive in their menu for a long time.

Do you remember their rice meals ages ago, the beef stew and chicken something, hahaha, I suggest they put that back, I love those two. I was in college when they had that in their menu, ouch, then it was more ten years ago, hahaha.

w/out flash

with flash


Doctor, Doctor Am I Sick?

>> Sunday, April 17, 2011

We went to the hospital several days ago for a full-body checkup, I haven't been blogging as I am suffering from symptoms of hypertension *pouts*. I am not really fond of hospitals in general but I do admit that I love the smell of disinfectants and alcohol mixed in the air, the smell is so - clean. Seeing the hospital staff running around in their nursing scrubs makes me wonder how it feels like to be them, to be able to help and heal. Oh, I digress, yet again *grins*, my infer that I do have a high blood pressure is right, it was confirmed by our doctor and I feel gloomy just by hearing it, imagine all the food that I have to give up *lol*, seriously, I just don't like the idea of being sick.

Anyway, I'm not dying or anything, I just have to follow the doctor's orders and everything will be alright. I don't even have to visit the hospital and see my doctor in his scrub clothing that much as a healthy diet and better lifestyle is all I need, and if worse comes to worst, a maintainance drug will help me out. But, I won't let that happen, I plan on being a good patient, I love my son too much to just shrug this circumstance of. So, do expect a healthy and fit me!

I have a question though, it's weird and kind of senseless but please humor me - why are doctors and medical people not called men and women in uniform when they clearly wear uniforms as well. Scrubs are usually worn and seen in hospitals and clinic, it's like their trademark look, just like how the police and firemen have theirs. *Grins*, don't mind me, my mother's yapping behind me so my mind's not working clearly.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!


Selecta Pinoy Sorbetes

>> Thursday, April 14, 2011

Commercial ni Bitoy/Michael V. - lima, lima, limang baso po - the advertisement is actually trying to convince consumers that a liter of Selecta Pinoy Sorbetes can serve five people. In actuality, it really can, as long as each of those five are satisfied with just a taste, a non-ice cream enthusiast will be a perfect example. But if you and your family are one of those ice cream lovers, a liter will only serve 3, promise *grins*.

Well, for 89 pesos, we really should be thankful. Photo below is ube (purple yam) flavor, I think cheese and chocolate are the other variants.

Happy Sunday!


Sumo Hoops

>> Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another one of my food finds, I'm not a milk drinker, neither is my son but as we are curious beings by nature, we saw and bought a pack of Sumo Hoops Milk Cookie Sandwich. It was okay, I can't say I love it, not a milk fan remember, but I was able to gobble a few hoops in a day, so, in a way, it did passed my not-so-choosy palette. My son also had some, he doesn't like it but at least he gave it a try *grins*.

A pack cost a little more than 50pesos, so if you're a sucker for milk or milk-flavored stuff, do give this one a try, you might just find something you'll love.

Last day of school tomorrow, hurray!



>> Monday, April 4, 2011

I haven't been out for a while now, I've been living and depending on my family's mercy in terms of fast food supply, not that they always give me what I want :( I had been craving for some Chowking halo-halo for a while now, and I asked my mom to bring home one when they went out a few days ago and look what they brought home - a beef Chao Fan and a Fried Noodles *lol*.

They said that my halo-halo slipped out of their mind, so they just picked those two at random. Pero sa palagay ko, they're just too kuripot to buy me my halo-halo kaya sa 39peso meals lang ako ipinili ng uwi, hahaha, oo, choosy ako!

Chowking Beef Chao Fan (big)

Chowking Fried Noodles Meal

Have a good week ahead peeps!



>> Friday, March 25, 2011

Hola, I'm your absentee temporary blogger reporting, sorry for being MIA for a couple of weeks, I've been busy. Busy procrastinating *lol*, I kind of, sort of got hooked with another diversion, add it to my duties as a mom and you'll get zero time for blogging; don't get started with the multitasking and time management speech, of course I know that, I just don't put it into practice *grins*. Seriously, the little house we own in the province of Bulacan is undergoing some renovation so a lot of my time was spent discussing the designs with the construction group that we hire, most of the floor and design plans were done so I do breath a little better now, but I'm still thinking about their idea of a Laminate hardwood flooring, what do you think?

Anyway, I'm back and I plan to linger for a while, the owner who call herself Anya keep on nagging me that I am taking her blog for granted, so to get her off my back, I need to work harder or to stick to the routine, at least.

Have you gone swimming yet? My son's still at school, so we're still stuck at home but he did swam with his second cousins a week ago at my aunt's house. Wishing for a happy and yummy summer!


Goldilocks' Brazo de Mercedes

>> Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My family went out two weekends ago, leaving me and the baby behind, to unwind and have fun. They came back with a Goldilocks cake in hand, a whole roll of Brazo de Mercedes, I was even shocked to find out that a roll already cost almost 300pesos, wala na talagang mura sa Pinas, hays.

Sarap yan, isa sa favorite ko, di nga lang nakakabusog kasi puro hangin lang, hahaha.

Note: Pardon the not-so-enticing pics, the battery of my cam is running out of charge already,. so I had to do the shot in a hurry.

Brazo De Mercedes on FoodistaBrazo De Mercedes


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