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>> Friday, July 31, 2009


food friday

Star J Mall
Malabon City

Chicken and Tofu Misono Bento - P85.00

Grilled Liempo Teriyaki Bento - P85.00

Beef Gyudon - P70.00

Gyoza (4pcs)- P45.00

I took these pics weeks ago, hubby and I went grocery shopping/bargain hunting in San Roque Supermarket which is a few steps away from Star J, so we decided to try the newly-opened Japanese-inspired resto, Japok. It was okay, the staff moved fast and they were wearing black and red Ninja-style suit, the place was neat, the interior design was clearly Japanese but with a little for the masses twist, the food was just okay. I mean, I just need to add a little to my budget and I can go to Karate Kid or Tokyo Tokyo so I'd rather spend it there than come back to Japok, getting my drift yet? But, if ever I crave for something faintly Japanese, I might visit again, as it is the nearest one at home. Oh well, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, as it is their soft opening, so, okay, I might come by again sooner than I think *grins*.

3 out of 5


Something's Incredibly Wrong But It Is Okay Now

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EDIT: Everything's okay now, the entrecard admin has re-activated my account after I wrote them an email. To everyone who took time to leave a comment or two, thank you, thank you, very much. To the entrecard team, my deepest gratitude.

I even edited the title of this post. Thanks everyone!

I was trying to log in to my Entrecard account just a few minutes ago but I can't seem to do so, I checked and rechecked my username and password, I typed and retyped it over a dozen times but I still got nothing. Then, it dawn on me, for the last three days, I've been seeing a pink-colored rectangular box on top of my entrecard page stating that my widget is redirecting to other websites, after I read that for the first time, I clicked on my widget which can be seen on the 2nd row under the Cooking and Dining category, but, as I expected, nothing's amiss, so I quickly got over that note and continue on my daily online routine. Fast forward, so when it dawn on me that it could have something to do with that, I checked my email, which I rarely do *grins* and, to my horror, what I was thinking is true. My entrecard account was deleted by the new management, I had been with Entrecard for more than a year and a few weeks after ZipRunner came, my account was deleted, just like that. I have almost 40k credits on my account, which I was saving for a contest that I wish to do on December, and now, it is all gone, what a bummer!

Now, I wanna do my own investigation, does anyone here experience something like that when you click my entrecard widget? Are you redirected to any website or full page advertisement as the new Entrecard team claims?

Please, please give me any feedbacks or experiences you've had with my entrecard widget, positive or negative comments are welcome as long as it is true. I wish to know the truth about this matter asap, so, I can ask entrecard to re-activate my account.

Thank you very much!



taho - P5.00/cup

taho in a bowl - P10.00 (bowl not included *chuckles*)

I am staying at my nanay's place until hubby comes home from his (monkey) business trip and I guess, my suking magtataho found it out coz he wouldn't stop shouting T-A-H-O until I come out with a bowl in hand *lol*. I, even, took his picture but it came out blurry and I don't wanna break the heart of manong because of a not so charming shot of him posted here in my blog.

5 out of 5
(of course)


McDonald's Twister Fries and more...

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

Upper G/F SM San Lazaro
Sta. Cruz, Manila

twister fries

large fries

crispy chicken fillet (CCF should have stand for capirasong chicken fillet *lol*)

I asked hubby to buy me a twister fries from McDo (yep, it's back and don't miss the chance to have some of these delights again) and it didn't disappoint, it's still the same twister fries that I love. He, also, bought a large french fries and it is really large, their french fries now comes in small, medium and large sizes (I hope they bring back the large-size drinks as well, remember those big plastic cups from McDo, as in the really big ones unlike the one they are using now, I love those). He also bought a 1pc-crispy chicken fillet, medyo depressing nga lang ang itsura, super liit di ba (refer to the photo above), tapos puro crumbs pa, talagang sinulit nila ang P55.00, medyo matatagalan bago ako umulit nito *sigh*.

fries - 5 out of 5
chicken fillet - 2.5 out of 5 (at least, I gave it a 50% *lol*)


Lemon Square Sylvanas

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

Lemon Square
(somewhere in) Valenzuela City

Sylvanas Chocolate - P28.50/each

Sylvanas White - P27.00

This one I asked from my brother *grins*, I saw these treats in the Lemon Square website and the ever-craving me found it very delectable. The verdict - thumbs up. But, I'm still pro-SM bakeries, I grew up eating those sylvanas, an aunt fondly called it "bato" (as it was bigger then and looked like the panghilod-type of rock *lol*) and I had good memories with it.

4 out of 5


Dunkin Donuts' Mini Bunwich

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

food friday

Dunkin' Donuts
1F Grand Central Mall

Caloocan City

the 3-in-1 pack -P39.50

mini bunwich

from left to right: tuna, bacon & coleslaw, ham & cheese

I have been wanting these babies (pun intended) ever since I saw it in a commercial but it wasn't until this week that I got what I want. It tasted the same as the regular size bunwich but if I have a choice, I'll buy the bigger ones, parang tinatakaw lang ako kapag ganito kaliit eh.

4 out of 5


Hershey's Chocolate (plain)

>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

that's me trying my hand at a little photography...
toinkz... I failed *lol*

Hershey's Milk Chocolate
(here's what will happen if you put chocolates in and out of the freezer for a number of times before eating it, ain't pretty, right? *lol*)

The other half of the Hershey's with almonds that I had posted a few weeks ago, I kept this one in the freezer as I was on a Cadbury binge *grins*.

4 out of 5


I Got Twins!

>> Friday, July 17, 2009

Nope, I'm not carrying twins or at least it is still too early to find out *lol*. I got another batch of awards and as they are the same, I proclaim them twins (I should shut the a/c down, I think even my brain's freezing *lol*).

To Enchie of From My Kitchen and Beyond, I'm out of words, I hope that a heartfelt thank you is enough, I am truly honored.

The rules for these awards are:

1) To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I am passing it on to:

Don't you just love blogging? See you around fellas...


Lemon Square's Brazo de Mercedes

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

food friday

Brazo de Mercedes (packaging)

Half Roll - P135.00

side view (keep refrigerated)

My brother brought this home two days ago, I think, there is a Lemon Square branch near his place of work. Verdict? Thumbs up! Oh well, I am a sucker for Brazo de Mercedes as much as my bro, so anything likely brazo-ish will ignite my senses to full speed *grins*. But it did taste good, the custard filling had this lemon-y smell and tang to it and the egg white roll was fluffy and soft and I felt like I was biting into a cloud of sorts *smiles*.

4.5 out of 5
(I need to eat more to pull that .5 out of my slab [big ol' me] *lol*)


Cadbury Chocolates

It's raining non-stop here in the Metro (have no idea on the other parts of PH, haven't watched the news yet) and classes were suspended this afternoon (boo, my kid was in school already!) and I'm kinda hoping that the suspension will last till tomorrow *grins*. Oh come on, it is raining and cold and the bed is pulling me back to its comfort so I found no wrong in wishing for an extended suspension *lol*.

Anyway, when the world outside of your home is soaking wet (a flood here and there can be expected, too) and you're just lounging around, watching TV, doing some DVD marathon, reading that unfinished Twilight book or just plain staring at the wall, what do you crave for?

Aside from a hot and smokin' bowl of Nido soup or mushroom or crab and corn soup, I love eating chocolates when it rains. Cozy and sweet, it does have a nice sound to it...

here's my loot - Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates (plain and Fruit & Nut) and Chocettes

As of posting, I have consumed the 3 bite size Fruit & Nuts, I had opened the Chocettes and my boy and I are having a blast throwing it at each others mouth (manners down the drain *chuckles*) and I am eying the big bar of Fruit & Nuts at the moment, I'll open it after dinner *grins*.

How about you, what are you munching on at this very minute?

5 out of 5


Pinoy Street Foods: Boche, Valencia, Turon

>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

boche, valencia, turon in a bilao (winnowing basket)

turon (mongo) for hubby, valencia (banana) for me, and boche just in case we have the urge to eat more - all cost P5.00 a piece.

One of my favorite street peddler in our block is the manang (woman) who sells boche, valencia and turon. She roam around with a winnowing basket full of these treats shouting boche... valencia... in her loudest and most alluring tone. One can be sure to hear and see her an hour or so after lunch as she walk around and knock on gates and doors saying, "suki, meryenda na" (suki is a customer of long standing while meryenda is a snack). I just love it!

5 out of 5


Nestle Ice Cream

>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mobile Nestle Cart

take your peek or pick

our choice for the day - Twin Popsies, Pinipig Mango Condensada, Fruit Selection Yogurt, Chuckie (cup)

I remember when I was still a little girl wandering around our street, every time I heard the sound of the incoming ice cream cart, I will rush home asking for money but often than not, I get nothing. My nanay is the very definition of frugal (as in), that's why having Twin Popsies (sometimes only half of the twin) or Drumstick at that time was a special (momentous *grins*) event for me. So now, every time the mobile Nestle cart drive by our place, which is everyday, and my son wanted something, I immediately obliged, unless he's sick or on a diet. Syempre pagbili para sa anak kasama na ang para sa ina, binabawi ko ang lahat ng araw noong bata pa ko na di ako pinakain ng nanay ko ng ice cream at ice drop *lol*.

I love their new offering, the Pinipig Mango Condensada, I'll feature it here again one of these days *wink*.

4.5 out of 5
(products on mobile carts are pricier)


Bounty Fresh Roasted Chicken

>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

food friday

Bounty Fresh Roasted Chicken
M. Naval St. San Roque,
Navotas City

Roasted Chicken - P150.00

I visited my Nanay's house last week, and as my brother just received his very first salary at that time, he decided to buy the viand for dinner and because he is such a cheapskate *grins*, he only bought two pieces of whole roasted chicken in Bounty Fresh. Hahaha, ako na pinakain, nanglalait pa ako eh no.

The chicken was smaller than the usual (as compared to other brands) but it was very tender and tasty, my Nanay said it is a young chicken daw. I would have given it a perfect rating but they don't have gravy, a big no-no for my son, sayang naman.

4.5 out of 5


Cream-O Deluxe

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I discover something...

Something that I enjoyed then...

And love now...

... the new Cream-O Deluxe


Go and give it a try...

5 out of 5


Fruitti's Sweet Orange Jelly

>> Monday, July 6, 2009

If Chuckie is your chocolatey buddy, Sweet Orange Jelly is my blogging buddy!

the packaging

yummy treats

These jelly candies made blogging, entrecard dropping and all the hullabaloo involve in my cyber life easier. We have been together through sunrise and sunsets, rain or shine, thick or thin, with sense or without. Sweet Orange Jelly (or gummy candies in general) is love!

5 out of 5


You're the 1, Goldilocks!

>> Friday, July 3, 2009

I had been familiar with Goldilocks ever since I was a kid but I did not grew up eating their cakes and treats unlike others in my generation. I am part of a clan who were once loyal patrons of a cake center (and/or bakeshop) in Malabon City, obviously all occasion cakes, deserts, pastries and other treats were bought from there, we (the kids, used to be anyway) were uninitiated in any other forms or names of cakes and the likes but it didn't matter back then, any other cakes or cookies would taste as sweet to a child's palate. See, I know of Goldilocks but I didn't truly knew it...

Until I went to college, I studied in a catholic school in the university belt area (in C.M. Recto, Manila, for those who doesn't know) and a few establishments away from my school was a Goldilocks Bakeshop/Foodshop, as it was accessible we, of course, tried it out. If Jerry Maguire had Dorothy Boyd at hello, Goldilocks had us at our very first visit. The place was not cramped unlike other establishments in the area (as in the occupants of the other table won't hear what we were talking about if they don't lean towards us, just to give you an idea *grins*), their air-conditioner was in turbo cool which was one of our prerequisites in any place we hang out during those times (we were kolehiyalas, we're not allowed to get sweaty *grins*), the staff were all smiles and courteous and they gave in to our every whim, the food was great, there were a lot of choices and you can even order in half if you're tight in the budget (for students like us, it was pretty cool) and the prices were super affordable, I was able to buy an order of rice, two different viands, a mango shake and a slice of mocha rolls (yes, I can still remember it, it's part of my college heydays, how can I forget?), all of those and I was still on on my budget. The only downside was - it was mostly full of customers but even that added to its charm (more people means more boys to see *grins*). We frequented the place until it closed down a year before we graduate, we were distraught to see it go but we just had to.

Now you're thinking that must be it, Goldilocks must have been the one because it was part of the happiest days of my carefree life, uhm... not really... Yes, I started to love Goldilocks at that time, I begun to appreciate its products and the delight that it had brought me and my friends, the good times that we've shared while enjoying a bite or a sip but you see, I was initiated, I learned to admire but I never said that I became a Goldilocks enthusiast.

And so life goes on... I graduated, I worked, I got married, I had a baby and Goldilocks had been a part of it all.

Then it came, the moment when I was turned.

My son was born on December 24, a blessing in its truest form and a gift directly from God. He was born on a merry month, when everyone are festive and in a good mood, it was a joy to think of it as such until his first birthday came. For one, everything is more expensive on December compared to those of regular months, dining establishments, caterers, party acts like magicians, clowns, mascots, place for rents are either fully booked or won't accept any gigs and events on the day before Christmas, which is my son's birth date. Even cakes are hard to come by - at that time (my son's 1st), the cake center that I've mentioned above was my first choice because it is near and not that popular, so being rejected will not be an issue due to high volume of orders or due to the incoming holidays and the ratio of me having to fight off another patron for a cake was slim to none, or so I thought. I wasn't declined and they do accept made to order cakes but the choices were limited, I looked in their portfolio but I found none, I enumerated my choices but all I get were stares, twitches and some head movements from their ever-reliable (pun intended) store crew. With my first choice and only plan down the drain, we did the only plausible action, we drove around looking for a decent bakeshop that might accommodate us one way or another. And so the search begun, I went to a bakeshop whose name is scarce already and had the same problem, their portfolio of cakes barely had any photos left to look at and I wasn't even choosy at that time anymore. I went to two more bakeshops and both doesn't accept all occasion cakes starting mid-December due to their in-store focus hullabaloo which I don't care about. And then, as we (hubby and I) were loosing hope and ready to give up, we found this branch of Goldilocks in Sangandaan, Caloocan City, we asked the lady manning the store and she instantly agreed to create a birthday cake for my baby, this branch of Goldilocks have their own bakery inside the store that's why they don't need to call or depend on deliveries from the bigger branches or the Goldilocks factory per se, as what the lady told us. She, then, gave me two folder-full of cake photos to choose from but I didn't have to look for long, when I saw Nemo, I knew he's the one.

a recopy of the original printed photo (didn't have a digicam back then *sigh*)

After that, I was not just an admirer anymore, I am an enthusiast, an aficionado, a true blue fan!

You're the 1 Goldilocks because we, the customers, the clients and patrons are number 1 for you, we are you're priority and I think, it's time we shout to the world that you really are the one.


The Best and A Lovely Blog Award

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A few days ago my sister-in-law gave me, or more accurately my blog, an award. I am still undecided if I really deserve the award or she's just getting on my good side *lol*, well, if she didn't pass me at least one, I will be a little frustrated so she did the right thing *lol*.

To Maggie of A Taste of Both Worlds, my deepest and sincerest thank you, I do appreciate everything that you have done (and continuously do) to my blog in my behalf. Though, I may not affectionately show it most of the time, bear in mind that I love you sis *hugs*.

The rules for these awards are:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

And now I'm passing it on to:

(I would have given it to Maiylah, Ebie, Zee, Iska, Enchie and Liza too, but Maggie beat me to it *grins*, so, special mention ko nalang sila.)

It's time to grab and flaunt guys!


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