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>> Monday, January 31, 2011

My amphetamine, hahaha, as in, this is my perk me up drink, maybe it's the sugar but I do get hype up everytime I drink a glass or two. So, next time you see me drinking a cup, glass or mug of Nesquik, be alert coz the crazy me will act up soon *lol*.

And because my father-in-law thinks my son loves this drink, he keeps on sending us at least 2 jars everytime he has the chance, so I have a steady supply of my addiction, lucky me, teehee.

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Noodle House

>> Friday, January 28, 2011

Not the best pictures ever, sensya na kayo, hahaha... we bought this one in the newly opened kiosk in our vicinity, it is a minute place with four two-seat tables and a kiosk as their prep station. I'm not really familiar with the name Noodle House but, their HongKong-styled noodles, the one that I had, was good.

I kinda forgot how much each one cost but the prices depends on the add-ons, they have a few you can choose from, photo below were of shark's fin dimsun, beef and pork siomai, and seafood dumplings. I don't know which is which as they all look alike, we actually had to take a bite of each to know, hahaha.

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Have a pleasant weekend everyone!


Burger Machine

>> Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I think, this was our merienda (snack) some weeks or months ago, hahaha. As I've mentioned in one of my previous post, a new branch of Burger Machine opened near our place, and because it had been decades ago that I tasted my last one, buying and taste-testing their burgers became sort of a hobby, hahaha.

Photos below are, from top to bottom: Longganisa burger, it has two patties and sells at 38pesos for two; next is your ever-present Bart Burger, two pieces would cost you 45 pesos. Add ons like cheese, coleslaw and the likes are available by requests. For the hungry and for the not-so-wealthy, Burger Machine is our hero *lol*!


Cookie Crunch

>> Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One of my newest discoveries, Rebisco Combi Cookie Crunch, it's a three wacky choco cookie wafer sandwiches. It's like that of Voice Combo but it comes in small sizes, it has a chocolate cookie on top, then it's choco cream, choco wafer in the middle, another choco cream filling and the other half of the chocolate cookie at the bottom. Personally, I think this one is better than their previous product, the triple chocolate sandwich or something, masyado nakakaumay yun, hehe.

I forgot how much this cost but I think a pack of ten (photo below) is more or less in the 50peso-range. Go give it a try, you might just like it :)


I'll Let You In on a Secret

>> Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the last two years of my on and off blogging, I have been very vocal in saying that my family and I love pizza, specially my kid. If the number of posts showcasing different variants and brands of pizza available in our locale is not proof enough, I don't know what is anymore. But through all those mouth-watering entries, I may have forgotten to mention, or I may have not mention it intentionally *grins*, that a certain brand of spice is making our pizza experience go a notch higher. I am talking about TABASCO® Original Red, you may rebut that it is just your usual hot sauce, but I will have to differ then, because it is way better than that, it sorts of unlocks and enhances the flavors of the pizza, whatever kind it might be, giving you a more distinct and appetizing taste, if you haven't tried it yet, don't waste your time and do it, you won't regret it, I swear. And yeah, it works wonders on anything and everything edible, so don't limit your choices, have fun and experiment.

And because the game day is fast approaching, I suggest you visit their website and take a look at the Game-Day Party Menu, you know, to liven up the day and make watching a better experience, imagine, a good show with good food shared with great friends, an awesome combination ain't it? And while you're at it, do give the Pizza Perfected page a look, I bet you'll get tons of ideas on how to amplify your next pizza experience. It won't take much of your time and it's all worth it.

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>> Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two weeks from now, we, erase that, most of you, will celebrate the Heart's Day, and what is the most common present given on that day? The one who can't answer that question in less than 10 seconds doesn't deserve one this coming February 14, hahaha, and I'm talking about something edible here, this is a food blog afterall, and I only do the non-food-related posting when I'm paid to do it, hahaha, being frank is not a sin, right? To the ones who thought, whisper, murmur, shout, yell, utter, said, mention CHOCOLATES, here's some internet cookies for you because you got it right, teehee.

And so, for my Yummy Sunday entry, I present Toblerone bite-sized chocolates. Need I say more?

Note: I kind of let my chocolate-crazy self take control thus the photo only has a few pieces left in it, sorry :)

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>> Friday, January 21, 2011

I just found out that a Google PR update took place two days ago, so, I did what a normal blogger would do, I checked mine. I looked at my blog first and was so happy when I didn't see a change on my PR button, which you can see way below, on the right side --> . For my other blog, I had to checked it manually through the aid of a PR checker and was sooo surprised to find out that it now has a PR 2 on its name, and I just recently get back into blogging, it's either my hiatus had no effect or Google was happy that I took that extended vacation off the web, hahaha. And because I am a curious being, I decided to manually checked this blog's PR too, and lo and behold, it got higher, it now has a PR 3 as opposed to what the installed button is flashing (yes, I checked again), which one should I believe, then? Whatever, I'm still a happy camper :)

I wasn't able to join the Friday memes, I'll make it up next week. Have a good Sunday everyone!


Jollibee Pies-to-Go

>> Monday, January 17, 2011

I had some crunchy pies for dessert a few days, I am not much of a pie afficionado but I swear I am a sucker for Jollibee's peach mango pies, it must be because of the mango, have I ever told you that I love mangoes, it's like one of my favorite fruit in the whole wide world. So anyway, I had just finished washing the dinnerware that me and my son used when my brother popped out with three boxes of these pocket pies and four large orders of french fries.

Side story: I'm currently staying with my parents, I'm about to give birth so I'll be staying here until I can take care of the baby on my own, which I think would be, never, hahaha, kidding nanay!

So anyway, a box of pies-to-go would cost you a little more that 50 pesos, which, I think is very reasonable. I wonder if they will come up with a tuna pie box-to-go come Easter season...


Marshallows in the Boots

This is an entry for Ruby Tuesday, my first for this year :)

Pics below was the Christmas giveaway of a cousin, we weren't able to visit her but she still sent my son his share. Unfortunately, my son is not into marshmallows, he's not that crazy about soft, spongy, gooey stuff, but I am, so his lost is my gain, hurhur.

I don't know much about its brand - Erko, but from the note under the boot-shaped canisters, it is imported somewhere, so I'm pretty sure it's not produce locally. It was quite yummy, the marshmallows in itself was good and the jelly-like filling was even better. The fillings comes in orange, strawberry and grapes, and there's not a trace whatsoever of what you're going to get, so it was kind of fun, picking and eating it up.


Dairy Queen's Blizzard

>> Saturday, January 15, 2011

I got to visit the Trinoma branch of Dairy Queen a few weeks ago, and what else is the ice cream heaven famous for - Blizzard- not that their other products aren't to die for, it's just that Blizzard is and will always be a trademark DQ. According to their website, "Blizzard is a creamy smooth DQ original, soft serve with your favorite cookies or fruits which adds up to one irresistible taste sensation," don't ask me who made that crappy stuff up, hahaha.

Blizzard comes in 3 sizes, 9oz. (the small ones in the photo below), 12oz. and 160z. (the one in the middle). Flavors are aplenty, you won't run out of ideas but my favorite so far is the one with Oreo and the one infused with caramel. Prices varies depending on the sizes and flavors that you choose, I'm not really fond of receipts and price tags at the moment, so don't bother asking me *grins*.

Photo below, from left to right: Kitkat, Oreo, and their Holiday special, Candy Cane. Well, the one with Kitkat taste like vanilla ice cream with Kitkat, same logic goes with the Oreo-infused one; the candy cane tasted of peppermint and candies with bits of chocolates, yeah, that's the best I can come up with this early morn *grins*.

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>> Friday, January 14, 2011

Napansin ko lang puro Greenwich pala post ko, hehe, pasensya naman, yun lang kasi malapit dito sa amin eh.

My son and I had these for merienda a few weeks ago, a regular-sized Ham and Cheese pizza, just because he wants his pizza as plain as possible, no frills and add-ons; a lasagna and fried chicken meal which comes with a piece of garlic bread stick and a regular softdrinks; and an order of their newly-added offering, the onion rings, which is a far cry from that of Burger King, oh how I crave for that, teehee.

Do I need to write more, with the number of posts about this brand here in my blog, I think, my undying allegiance is already established, hehe. Price not included because the blogger/consumer didn't keep the receipt and her memory's not that brilliant anymore :)

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Magnolia Sorbetes (Chocolate)

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The other half of the Magnolia Sorbetes that me and my kid bought, you know, the missing pair of the one posted below (visual: down arrow), this one is Tsokolate (chocolate) flavor. I think, the only flavor left for me to try is Ube (purple yam), oooh, I can't wait, teehee.


Magnolia Sorbetes (Cheese)

>> Sunday, January 9, 2011

A random purchase, we were walking around our area one windy night last December when my son decided that an ice cream will be a nice cap in our effort to exercise, hahaha, and because I am a loving mother and a sucker for ice cream, I readily agreed to bought one. We passed one of the nearby gift shops and they are Magnolia consignee, and just because I love Michael V. we bought two variants of the product he endorses, hehe.

This is the first one, a Magnolia Sorbetes Keso (cheese), a liter would cost you a hundred bucks, and it is worth every penny, I swear.

If you'll look at the second pic closely, you'll see that a portion of the ice cream was already gone, hahaha, di na nakapagpigil ang anak ko eh kaya kumuha muna sya bago ko napiktyuran :))


Country Style Doughnuts

We bought this on our way home, when we succumbed to the pull of post-Christmas sale in SM North EDSA, teehee. I've always been in love with Country Style's brand of doughnuts, not too sweet, just the way I like it.

A dozen (photo below) would cost you 220php, you can go for assorted or put only your favorites in the box. Half dozen, I think, cost 120php, I wasn't able to check the price per piece, you go do that on your own, hehe. Aside from the regular doughnuts, they also offer, square and log doughnuts, as well as those tiny bite-sized ones. They also have other pastries, sandwiches and hot & cold beverages in their menu, some branches even have combo or fixed meals in affordable prices, but that's another blog post altogether *grins*.

I'm not really sure what those babies below are called, except the universal name - doughnuts, just be assured that they were all good.

I wish they have a branch near our home, why can't they be in every nook and corner like Dunkin and Mister Donuts?

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Tokyo Tokyo

>> Friday, January 7, 2011

We went to Trinoma a week ago, we kind of took advantage of the post-Christmas sales, teehee, aside from our main agenda of buying some more baby stuff. It was lunch time when we hit the mall, and most of our priority choices in dining were kinda full so we ended up in Tokyo Tokyo, not that we love it any less, it's just that with my son in tow, food options are kinda limited.

We, actually ordered what the fastfood is famous for (as their website suggests), Prawn Tempura, Pork Tonkatsu and Beef Misono, we also nibbled on some Potato Balls and drank their famous Red Iced Tea.

Oh yeah, I haven't been out for a while and I was shock to find out that Tokyo Tokyo now offers unlimited rice, I bet those extra rice-lovers did some happy dance when they found out *grins*.

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Christmas Cookie Box

>> Thursday, January 6, 2011

Photo below was my nanay's universal gift for everyone last Christmas, I found loads of these treats under their tree days before Christmas but when we came back to celebrate the holidays with them, I found all of it gone, and a lone one atop a coffee table was all that's left, waiting for its rightful owner, which is my bebe.

Lesson learned - next time, grab treats even before the celebration begins *lol*.

She bought it in Landmark, I forgot to ask how much it cost her and I don't think those xmas tree boxes are available still anyway. What's inside? A bunch of gold-wrapped, chocolate-coated cookies like that of Fibisco *grins*.


Scrub That!

>> Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now that my due date is just a few weeks away, though I am not waiting for any popping sound or mind-warping pain or the cliche 'my water broke' tirade that will signal another astonishing moment to womanhood and another keepsake to motherhood, I can't help but reminisce my first time. I had to go through a lot at that time, all first if I may add, first time giving birth, first time having a Cesarean section, first time confinement in a hospital, it was also my first time being naked in front of a number of people, oh the shame *grins*. When I think really hard and long, and I let my self-love take a back seat, nothing mind-blowing happened when I gave birth, of course, the actual birth of my son excluded. But there were funny and memorable moments, my uncle acting like he's the one in need of medical help with his chest paining him and all, my husband acting all calm and cool but deep inside he's in a puddle mess, he was so lost, he didn't realize that my OB-GYN was paging him nonstop to take our baby's first pic, he was out of it, up until my parents came in the hospital, so no birthing pics for us, me asking in the operating/delivery room why doctors also wear nursing scrubs *lol*, and more, but I'd rather not give in all the details *grins*.

Giving birth per se, a CS section on my part, was actually a walk in the park *chuckles*, after the anesthesia took effect, everything was a blur, I'm not unconscious or anything but it felt like I was in a daze of sorts, all I can see were men and women in hospital uniforms talking and moving about, I didn't feel a thing, if being mark with a pen in my tummy counts, then be my guest as it's the only thing I can brag about, though it's not really a pen and they're not marking my tummy *grins*. Before, I knew it, my ever dearest OB-GYN was happily saying that it's a strong, cutie little boy with my son's loud cries as the background music to that melodramatic scene, it would have been if my life is a drama, thank God it isn't. Yeah, yeah, I'm all about wit and sarcasm today.

Not that all these telltales matter, it all went well, with me as a new mommy, hubby as a new daddy, my parents as the new grandparents, and my bro and his sis having a new nephew. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days, if I had known that being a mom is this hard, I would have taken my time lounging in the hospital bed with hospital personnel in scrub clothing doing everything for me, if I only knew then what I know now *grins*. I think, I'm gonna do better this time around.

Oooh, my baby just did a somersault...


CDO Sesame Hotdog

CDO Sesame Hotdog is one of my latest discovery this year, it is bigger than your usual Purefoods jumbo hotdogs, though they don't compare in taste, this brand can stand on its own, and the best about it is, it is way cheaper. Uh, a home economist got to do what she has to do *grins*.

It cost 120php a kilo, basically 10php per piece, and I swear it taste good, well, it depends on your preference, so don't take my word for it, go and give it a try (me sound like an advertisement, hahaha).


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