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Goldilocks Polvoron

>> Monday, February 28, 2011

One of the best products Goldilocks came up with, personally speaking, of course :)

I have always love polvoron, kahit anong pulburon pa yan, ung gawa ng tita ko or ung binebentang tig-piso ng kapitbahay namin nung bata pa ko, ung commercial polvoron na nabibili sa sari-sari store at iyong mga specialty polvoron tulad ng sa Goldilocks, basta pulburon magkakasundo tayo, hahaha.

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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

>> Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brother dear bought these yummies months ago, I can't even remember which is which anymore, all I know is, all are Krispy Kreme doughnuts, hahaha. I think, there's Hershey's Cookies and Creme, Snickers Chocolate, Caramel Creme, New York Cheesecake, Kitkat, Chocolate Iced, etc.

I'm not really a fan of Krispy Kreme doughnuts as I find almost all variants too sweet, except for the glazed ones but I won't deny myself a treat specially when it's free, hurhur.

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Have a pleasant weekend everyone!


Porksilog, Tocilog & Embusilog

>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

Did you ever felt an immense hunger in the middle of the night that you can't help but look for something to nibble on? Did you ever ever felt an intense desire or craving for food at midnight that you can't just shrug off? Well, I did, good thing there is a 24/7 Tapsilugan near our vicinity, I got to feed my hunger and craving at the same time. Big meals in the middle of the night is really not advisable but who cares, I got to eat what I want and that's all that matters, hahaha.

What's your favorite silog meal?




  • PORKSILOG = breaded pork chop, sinangag (fried rice), itlog (fried egg)
  • TOCILOG = tocino, sinangag at itlog
  • EMBUSILOG = embutido (pork roll), sinangag at itlog
* you can ask your friendly neighborhood tapsilugan for a scramble or sunny side up :)


Should I Try It?

I have been blogging, on and off, for almost three years now, and I had signed up in a number of advertising platforms since then, some stayed, others faltered, in some I stayed, in other I run away *lol*. A few weeks ago, I received a letter, actually it is more of a note or a pamphlet from one of those advertising companies that I am currently signed with, it is a free pass to promote my blog through search engine marketing, I think it is a month's pass worth a hundred dollars or more. I didn't read it thoroughly as I have no plans in using it, as I've said a million times already, I am no whiz in this blogging business and taking risks in making it in mainstream is kinda far in my mind. I admit, I want to earn a little (who am I kidding, I wanna earn a lot) through writing and blogging but I just don't have the guts to fight with the crowd of professional bloggers that litter the net, I'll just take what I can and be glad with it, but I'm still hoping for bigger crumbs to fall though *grins*.

But I do wonder, am I just a weakling or am I being a coward? They say that opportunity only knock once so we have to grab it, in my case, I think, I have let go a hundred opportunities in this lifetime and some are haunting me, and now that another is coming my way, should I try it or just let it pass?


Candy-coated Chocos

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sis-in-law sent this at our house a few weeks back, I'm not sure what brand this candy-coated chocolate is but it sure tasted good, even my uber picky son liked it.

No descriptions, just showing off, hahaha.

Have an awesome Wednesday!


Love, Weddings and Get Togethers

>> Friday, February 11, 2011

Love is definitely in the air, that is what the month of February and the Day of Hearts do to people and their environment, wherever I look, whatever I watch, it is all about love, relationships, affairs and the in-betweens. The celebrations, preparations, expenses and tricks that a besotted will do to his lover, a husband to his wife, a son/daughter to their parents, among others. Love is in the air and I can't seem to breathe *grins*.

The love month is also a favorite time among couples to say their I dos and pledge their everlasting love, etc. (I'm so tainted, hahaha), and one of those lovesick fools who's taking the plunge is none other than my college bud, she's working in UK as a manager in one of those food chains, she met her soon-to-be husband there but he is a full-pledged Pinoy. She told us a few nights ago, when we meaning most of us college friends) had the chance to do a conference that everything is ready and in order and she's all jittery but excited and oh-so-happy. She was even raving about free venue search brighton which she claimed made her pre-wedding preps easier and she shocked us with the revelation that she's coming home on December and she's tying the knot yet again, with the same guy *grins*, in their province and as all of us should and would be there, it'll be a reunion of sorts for us. We're a group of 11 when we graduated, we started with 5 but our group grew through four years of college, sadly, some drifted away but most of us kept in contact and retain the friendship though we're not that close in proximity anymore, our hearts will always beat for each other. Can't wait to see everyone...



Reunions seems to be the hype of 2010 and 2011, classmates in all levels seems to be working together to bring forth a reunion, I haven't attended one yet, ours seems to be one of those batch that's late in picking up the trend but we're on the planning stage at the moment and though I vehemently refused to be part of the forerunners, I am still in the bandwagon, elementary classmates seems to have a greater pull and power, maybe because they have seen and been with me when I am still bare, only me, no illusions of what I wanna be *grins*.

On our last meeting, one of the agenda was deciding on a theme and designing our logo, some offered to create one, others suggested that we ask people who are into and capable in logos designs to make that part of planning easier and hassle-free. We agreed to try both, the first option can save us money though the cons are several in numbers while the second will cost more dent on our budget but then a professional's work is always good choice. We'll find out the outcome on our next meeting, with all of us working together, I'm sure we'll make the best decisions and choices.


Kamasutra Chocolates

This coming Valentines Day, how about giving something that is totally different than the cliche but still in-sync with the usual sweets of the season. My naughty sis-in-law gave me a box of chocolates that I would never ever share with my son, she saw a picture of this brand and design floating in the net and she really made an effort to find the store where it is available, talk about dedication, basta kalokohan talaga magaling ka eh, hahaha.

Kamasutra Chocolates is a product of Heavenly Chocolates, a cafe located in Roces Avenue, Quezon City where everything comes in or with chocolates, yes, even their pasta and chips. A box is priced at P250.00, with the joy of seeing the kamasutra positions up close in something edible plus the fact that the chocolates itself is to die for, I'd say it's a winner. But as it is a Valentines offering, I suggest you go and buy one or two now if you're interested as supplies may not last that long *grins*.

Last two photos courtesy of my sis-in-law :)

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Have a pleasant weekend everyone!


Baby Steps

>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life hasn't been easy on me these past year up till now, financially, emotionally, physically, it's kinda draining but as I've tried running away already resulting to a one little mess getting humongous, I have no choice but to stand and carry on, but trust me, not because I am standing proud and tall doesn't mean I am okay. People should really learn to read between the lines, I do hope that development happen soon.

Does it seems like I'm talking in gibberish, maybe I am talking in code or something *grins*.

I am looking for online work or any money-earning opportunities available online, you know, to let me have an extra bit of money that I can spend on my son and my self. I even took the plunged and signed up in ODesk, but I haven't really focus on it yet as I'm still not familiar how it works and I have no one to ask for more info. I run across a small job offering about email marketing but as I am still new in this online business, I wouldn't know what to do about it even if I wanted to apply *sigh*. I was brave enough to apply for a translation/writing job but I guess my profile being incomplete and all hinders contractors from hiring me as I received a note last night saying that I wasn't accepted because another person had the position already. Good for the said person, sucks for me... oh life!

Oh well, I'll take one baby step at a time...


Cadbury Double Treat

The Day of Hearts is in four days, so in an effort to be in theme with the celebration, I'm trying to post chocolate pics, I know I have some stock files in my hard drive, I just can't find it at the moment *grins*. For the meantime, let a pack of Cadbury Double Treat do the trick.

No idea, how much this one cost as it was just a present but I bet, for your loved ones price doesn't matter, right?


Hershey's Kisses

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

So it is true, Hershey's Kisses now comes in a new cute pack, and I'm lovin' it, oh yeah, I've been out of the choco biz for a while so this might come as old news for most, sorry about that. My brother delivered these (photo below) with some other chocolates before the Holiday season, it's his pre-Christmas give away to the kids, and as usual, I am late in posting, hehe.

It's February, the season of love and chocolates and flower-giving, so in a way, my post is still in-sync with the season *grins*.

I wonder who will give me some Kisses this coming Valentine's...


Note From A Substitute Blogger

Uhm, hello *waves*! The original blogger and blog owner, Anya, is now having the time of her life nurturing her newest bundle of joy, and I am tasked to look after Kutsara at Tinidor and One Dish at a Time until her schedule goes back to normal again, please don't ask me for a specific timeline as I don't know either, I'm just here as a sub and I don't even know how long it will last. She had been busy doing drafts for her recipe blog, so there are lots of scheduled posts, I just haven't gotten to posting them yet, please don't tell on me, I will do it today, promise. She also did a few for this blog but I don't think it will suffice until she comes back so I may insert some of my own food trips and adventures once in a while, the Tikoy entry was actually my very first. I'm not really a woman of many words and it would have been nice if I don't need to do this but Anya keeps on nagging me about introducing myself, so here you go, I am her substitute blogger, my name need not be known as a rose in any other name will smell as sweet, let's just apply that with food blogging, olrayt?

So, expect a mixture of her old ways and my new and out of her league writing, I'm not a professional and very new on this craft, so I beg all of you to bear with me and the mistakes I might do, but I promise to keep the blog's well-being in the forefront of my mind. So let's rock the boat until the owner comes back...

I'm loving my stay so far, hope you're all okay with it too...



>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's the beginning of another lunar year and though, I am a little late in greeting everyone, I still wanna say, Kung Hei Wat Chai! As usual, we had some tikoy on the table, we didn't get to celebrate the event with fireworks and the whole hullabaloo as it was a weekday, and with work and morning classes, we can't spare an hour or so at midnight but we can't let a tasty treat such as Tikoy to pass our table.

As far as I know, Tikoy are now available in 4 variants - the classic white one (made with white sugar), the brown one (made with brown sugar, sometimes flavored with coco jam), the green one (pandan-flavored), and the purple one (ube/purple yam-flavored). I wasn't able to get the brown one, the store I went to was out of stock already so I had to contend with three. Prices range from 50php and above, the classic is still the most expensive one though.

Have you had your dose of tikoy this year?

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I am a wife to the sweetest person on Earth and a mother to the cutest baby boy in the planet. I love reading literary books but I have an addiction in contemporary/renaissance romance novels. I am a video game aficionado in the truest sense of the word. I love to travel the world, if and only given the opportunity. I don't know how to cook (but I'm slowly learning) so there's a fascination with take-outs and dine-ins. I could go on and on but I guess you had enough *lol*.

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