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Blogging and Dining

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally, I was able to cajole my son into taking his afternoon nap, I have been waiting for him to sleep so I can do some blogging. I was cleaning the kitchen and dining room the whole morning up until my baby got home, I did some cooking - Burger Steak, in case you wanna know and then watch some TV with him. I was forcing him to sleep already as I want to continue my cleaning task and do some quick updates on my blog but he won't budge, he just can't sleep, fortunately, after three hours of storytelling, slumber took in. I would have continue my chores have I not seen the clock, it's almost five o'clock in the afternoon and an hour from now, I would be cooking dinner so I decided to ditch the cleaning galore and go straight to blogging. The life of a mother... phew!

Oh anyway, before I go on doing my Mellow Yellow Monday post, I just want to ramble a bit, you all know by now that I was just currently crowned as a kitchen diva, I used to be an elusive cook *grins* and now that I spent most of my time making my humble space pretty and neat, I regret the days that I wasted money buying stuff that were not really needed and were just wasted and now gone, how I wish I invested on some dining room furniture to make our family time (while eating) more enjoyable and fun. I wish I had invested on quality kitchen equipments and wares, as well, heck, I also wish I had taken care of our old oven (it wasn't old and rugged then, but it is now), I found out that it now cost a fortune, my goodness, it's no wonder everyone who has an oven and knows the basic of baking is plunging into home business. Oh well, rambling is up, back to work.


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