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Supermom and Superfruit

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

*** This is a sponsored post.

In the olden days, while the father works and provide for the family, the mother has to make sure that there's always food on the table, that the house is clean and always in order, that the children are well-dressed, well-versed, and well-mannered. But in our age and time, a mother's responsibilities bordered on no limits, she has to be stronger, wiser, better. We don't just clean our house, we make sure that it's up-to-date, comfortable and has the necessities, even luxuries, of our days; we don't just cloth our children, we turn ourselves into fashion gurus in order to follow, buy or make the latest trends; we don't just teach our children the basics of reading and writing, we encourage them to go into music or sports or any extra-curricular activities that may broaden their horizon and increase their chances to fare well in this world; we don't just teach them the good and the bad but we make it our profession to show them what is good and illustrate to them what is bad, we teach them manners, etiquette, ethics, and principles; and we don't just put food on our tables, we forced ourselves to let out the chefs and cooks inside us to prepare the tastiest, prettiest and healthiest meals for them. Gawd, I sound like an activist of sorts *grins*.

But seriously, as time passes away, we, mothers, tend to be a little strict and a little more focus on what our family will eat and consume, and it has never been more evident than this 2010 - it is all about getting fit and healthy and living a good life this year. One of my most recent discoveries in my quest to make my family slimmer and healthier this year is the mangosteen juice, not everyone is familiar about the juice but most if not all love the fruit - it's reddish purple in color, it smells sweet and the white flesh taste citrus-y and tangy like a peach. I could eat mangosteen as is but as my son is not a fruit eater, as I have mentioned in this blog a dozen times or more, I need to be more creative, good thing, he is a juice drinker, he doesn't eat orange but he drinks lots of orange juice (the powder and concentrated ones), he doesn't eat pineapples but he drinks the pure juice (ice cold), get my drift? So, when somebody introduced me to mangosteen juice, I instantly gave my nod of agreement and now that I have done some research about it, I am literally a fan.

Do you know that mangosteen is considered as a superfruit? Meaning it is yummy and tasty, it is rich in nutrients, it is a strong antioxidant and it has the potentials to lower human diseases. Now that I have peaked your interest, I suggest you try the Xango brand, it is the only known juice supplement in the market that utilizes the whole mangosteen fruit, giving us consumers all the xanthones, a powerful, biological component of mangosteen, while maintaining it's flavorful taste. It is a product of long and continuous research and is safe for everyone. You just have to give it a try!


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