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Of Beds and Vacations

>> Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My father recently bought a new property in Bulacan, somewhere in the midst of resorts and food shops *grins*. Last Christmas break, we decided to have a sleepover and a mini swimming party for the kids, you know to let them enjoy a little without the extra cost and for us adults to have time to chat and gossip, laugh and enjoy, and be free of the city-stress even for just two days. We went there on the 26th, yep, right after Christmas and stayed up to the 28th, it was a zany two days I'm telling you, it would have been the perfect family destination (personally speaking) if my son didn't suffered from blisters from bed bug bites on skin, gawd it wasn't pretty. Well, it is partially my fault as I didn't bring our own mattress, knowing that the house has been empty for years with just minimal cleaning from the owners. I knew that the house had undergone major cleaning and frantic designing courtesy of my mom, so I was super confident that nothing can go wrong, I guess, the bed bugs were as stubborn as my mom *grins*. I'm not sure yet but I think the bed bugs could have surrendered or have been totally eliminated by now, as my mother wage an all out war against them when she saw what happened to my son. Come to think of it, I kinda pity those poor bugs *lol*, my mother can be such an OC sometimes.

My son together with his cousins have been bugging me to go back, they're all cajoling and begging me to bring them because my insane and crazy siblings told their lot that I'm the only one who can bring them there as I don't have a regular work, imagine that! For their information, I have work... I am blogging...


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