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Weekend Chore

>> Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a weekend here in my side of the planet, actually, it's more of almost an end of a weekend here *chuckles*. And as a wife and a mother, one of my regular weekend chore is to clean our rooms (ours and our son plus the playroom), during schooldays, I am focus on being a mom, a tutor and a playmate, when my son take his daily afternoon nap, I get to pinch in dusting the house and do some blogging. The only time I can take care of the hidden parts of the house (read: rooms) is when hubby is at home and that takes place only in the weekends. I, usually, begin with our little boys room as it is smaller than the rest of the rooms and not much effort is needed to tidy it up as sleeping at night is the only activity taking place in that room. Next in line is always the playroom which will take most of my time as it is always in chaos though I try to clean up my son's mess every night. Our room is the last stop as I am the one who makes most of the mess and ramble, I really try to make it pleasant to the eye even for just a day for my darling husband (haha, do I sound like a dear wife, I wish, but I'm sure that my husband wish it more *lol*). I do that every week and I don't get tired of it, well, I do sometimes, err, I think it's more of most of the time specially when I look around and feel like our room is lacking. I wish we can have a different one, just for a change, I do dream of a contemporary bedroom, where we can rest and lounge, hug and cuddle and have fun together. Wouldn't that be great? I wish it's that easy, paging fairy godmother *grins*. But I know that at this economic state, my dream bedroom will be just that - a dream *sigh*.

Do you think if I dream hard enough, it might come true?


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