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Keeping It Healthy

>> Wednesday, January 13, 2010

*** This is a sponsored post.

I am a big meat eater, if you're gonna classify me, yes I will, still, belong to the omnivore category as I also like veggies but I am (in estimate) 75% carnivore and 25% herbivore *grins*. I do love meat, a lot, but not all kinds of meat, I do stay away from the unusual ones like horse and goat meat, I prefer the taste of beef, pork and chicken. And my love of meat can be proven by the list of my favorite foods - Sizzling Steaks, Ox Tail Stew, Pork Barbecues, Chicken Kebabs, and Shawarma just to name a few. I have been eating meat since time immemorial and though I don't think I can live without it, I did acquire a preference to Natural Meats, if you have been using natural meats in your recipes, I bet you know why I prefer its taste, and if you haven't tried natural meat yet, I suggest you do this very minute.

Natural or organic meat is in its essence a counterpart of organic produce (vegetables and fruits), non-use of chemical pesticides, insecticides and herbicides is followed in growing organic vegetables while organic meats are produce through non-use of antibiotics and growth hormones and the cow, for example, are pasture fed and reared with vegetable feeds, no synthetic chemicals are injected or ingested. The result is a healthier meat for us consumers plus it does taste better than the commercially-breed ones. As with other organic products it may come with a heftier price tag but the end result, in taste and health, is sure to be worth any price.

If you're ready to give it a try, I suggest you visit Niman Ranch's website, they have beef, lamb, pork, poultry and other specialty products all made organically for you.

Remember folks, health is wealth!


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