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Dreaming of Davao

>> Friday, January 22, 2010

I have a friend in Davao, actually, we are high school buddies but we lost contact since we graduated in secondary school, we reconnected a few years ago through Friendster, yes I used to be a Friendster afficionado *grins*. Her whole family transferred to Davao, as far as I know, her dad inherited a land and business there that's why her parents decided to stay there for good, she's, actually married with two kids now, how time flies, she was still into Mask Riders and Ultraman when we parted ways. So anyhow, she has been persuading me to visit her in Davao, she said that Davao is a perfect getaway destination, accommodations won't be a problem as her parents have a big house and she and her husband have their own house, too, she even told me that she will shoulder our food and travel expenses in Davao, so the only thing that's kinda holding me off is the flight expenses going to and from Davao, airplane fares don't come cheap these days. Oh well, I still have plenty of time before summertime (I have a son who study and husband who works that's why we can't just go and board a plane the minute we want and can *sigh*), time to save money fast *grins*.

I talked to my husband about our (my bff and I) plan and I think he will soon agree, he is a little hesitant as he doubt we can find a local Auto Transport, he wants to use our own car when we travel around Davao as he doesn't want to incur too much trouble to my friend and her family and he thinks he can drive more safely if he's using his own. If that's the only problem, I think, I can do something about that and as I have said I still have ample of time to prepare.

Current status: Dreaming of Davao


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