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Thoughts on Getting a Franchise

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

*** This is a sponsored post.

My husband and I were talking the other day about having another business, something that is ours and ours alone, unlike what he is handling at the moment, a family business with all the comfort and discomfort of raising a family *sigh*. As I am a stay-at-home mom, we thought of having a business that I can handle, something in my field or at least something that I am comfortable with. So, we kinda decided on exploring franchise investment, preferably a food franchise because as, attested by this blog and the other, I am a food junkie, so it might be easier for me to take care of that. We haven't decided on what to get as we have to do lots of research and plan our every move, though a franchise investment sounds really cool, it involves a lot of work and tons of money. What's good about it though, is that you don't have to invest money, effort and time on marketing and making your brand public as it is already known and recognize, I mean, you wouldn't invest on something that you haven't tried and seen yet right and most business do not go into franchising deals until they're well-known in their market. Back-up and help is, also, at your fingertips because training and hands-on help are almost always part of a franchise package, even the staff hiring can be done for you. The materials and equipments also comes in most franchise package, and you can be sure that those things that the company will give you are not mediocre in quality, as your failure to deliver to your customers would mean bad publicity for them, too. Then what's keeping us from jumping in the bandwagon? Money and good location - two of the major factors in getting a franchise.

We need money, as in lots of it, in order to initiate and close a deal, franchises go to as low as 100 thousand to as high as millions depending on the brand and size of the business. A good location is also important as most companies do not allow franchise if they feel that the location you have will not work for the business. Aside from that, one should be very, very sure of the step that he/she would take because I haven't heard of anyone who succeed with half-bake decisions and aspirations. And I don't want to see if I could be the first one *chuckles*.

We may not be ready and sure now but I am still happy that we're making progress one day at a time. I am so loving 2010.


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