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True Blue Rodeo

>> Friday, January 29, 2010

I heard in the news last night that there's a rodeo here in Malabon, I don't exactly know where as the news wasn't exactly focused on the event but on those PETA warriors whose life revolve around commenting about animal welfare and heading demonstrations, I am not pro-animal cruelty but I do think that PETA is overacting most of the time. It's just my two cents, I don't wanna start a fight or debate or anything in between *grins*.

I haven't seen a real rodeo, I have watched snippets in TV and movies but I haven't actually witness a live event, it isn't exactly a popular sports here in the metro, most of the rodeos happen only in provinces which are, sad to say, super far from where I am, so imagine my surprise when I found out that there's a traveling rodeo show here in our city, finally, a chance to see a battle of brawn between man and animal. I would have resorted to begging if necessary just to be able to go, fortunately, my hubby understood and promised that he'll ask around for the exact location. Happy me!

It would be nice, if we have those extravagant rodeo shows like that of Houston, where ticketed seats are available around the arena and an explosive concert will surely follow after the rodeo so it's like hitting two birds in one stone, a rodeo show and a music concert in one, ain't that nice? I wonder if Houston Rodeo tickets are still available at the moment, gawd, how I wish I live near that area so I can watch a real bull-touting rodeo, I bet it will make my heart jump in shock and excitement. I checked out the ticket prices and the list of artists who will perform in the after-party concerts, the tickets are all reasonable but if you're gonna go and see the rodeo, I suggest you get the ones in the front row to see the real action clearly, I knew I would, and I saw that Rascal Flatts is one of the performers, it would be nice to listen to their music after a heart-pounding rodeo event. Phew, what would I give to see such a show...


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